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Pandemic Decontamination Services

TPG Environmental Services offers decontamination services for preventative treatment of using a CDC recommended EPA registered SARS 5 log kill (99.999%) hospital-grade disinfectant deployed via AFS protocols.

Steam Thermal Inactivation

Using steam, we kill bacteria and viruses on any surface with temperatures greater than 200 degrees. Our Steam Generator generates less than a gallon of water per hour. So no heavy moisture left behind, no water clean up, and most importantly, no viruses. The process is safe around electronic environments.

Biocide Fogging

In areas that cannot be steamed, we will use our biocide foggers to decontaminate. Our fogger can easily be carried from one location to another with no hoses and no hassle.

Areas for Decontamination

Office Buildings

Grocery Stores & Shopping Carts

Post Offices


Laundry Mats

Public Transportation

Conference Rooms

Heliports Airports

Places of Worship

Government Buildings

Local Businesses

Manufacturing Facilities

Food Services


Malls & Retail

Gyms & Rec Facilities

Offshore Facilities

Shore Bases


Heavily Trafficked Areas

Customized Prices Including

HVAC system, ducts, office space, electronic equipment, specialized machinery, etc.

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